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Palace of Chance online casino run on the excellent, reliable Realtime gaming system. On their web site they claim to have the fastest software on the net. So, naturally, I had to test this bold statement. I have played a lot of online games and I admit the speed of this game was far beyond any others I have played. The site is easy to navigate and has a player history report, which I just love. I have only seen a few sites with these types of reports and I think they are enormously useful for any serious player.A quick search on the internet revealed many Palace of Chance Casino coupons for a variety of bonus offers. The casinos web site also has an enormous number of promotions listed on its web site. It was almost too much to take in. There are new customer, monthly, overnight and VIP room promotions and bonuses so makes sure you do your homework and read up on all of them. They also have some of the highest comps for keno of any internet casino.The blackjack game ran so fast I could hardly believe my eyes. If you can get used to the speed, you can really play a lot of games in a very short period of time. Who needs coffee! I played a couple other card games which were equally as fast. There are slots galore in this casino and the graphics are terrific and the slots are smooth. Video poker is what really caught my eye. There are nine different games, each with a various number of hands. It is hard to stop playing.Palace of Chance offers many ways for the customer to get help, including a live chat. Unfortunately, I was pretty distressed to discover that when I clicked the Help button for live chat, I was told that it did not support my browser and I needed to use IE4 or above. This is something that should be remedied as IE is not used by everyone. I only use it when I encounter situations like this.Palace of Chance Casino is known for fast payouts and this benefit cannot be overstated when one is constantly moving cash. There are many ways to pay; their banking page is very thorough including an explanation of their banking security and encryption. With so much to offer, Palace of Chance casino makes it very hard to leave and go anyplace else. It has my recommendation.

Joseph Hachem – Professional Poker Player Review Series – Review casino games

Joseph Hachem is an Australian poker player. He is a Lebanese by birth. Now he is famous as a Lebanese-Australian poker player after he won the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship. Joseph Hachem is from Lebanon. He was born in the year 1966 on 3rd November in the Republic of Lebanon, a small country of Western Asia. When Joseph Hachem was at the age of six his family moved to Australia from Lebanon. Till 2002 Joseph Hachem was not a regular poker player. He played poker but often. He was by profession a chiropractor at that time. He could not be able to continue that profession as a chiropractor because he was suffering from a rare blood disease. He left his job for that physical incapability.After that he made his decision to play poker as a professional player. He started playing the casino game professionally from the year 2002. Now he lives in West Preston. West Preston is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He lives with his wife and four children. In the year 2005 Joseph Hachem made the world record in playing poker. In this year he participated in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and he did the impossible in that tournament. He beat 5,619 players in the table. The prize money that he won is really surprising. He got $7,500,000 in that championship.The final table in the 2005 World Series of Poker championship was a marathon session. The viewers were witnessed of a rare scene that Joseph Hachem is defeating the players one by one and it stopped when a total of 5,619 players became the losers. The marathon play was continued for 14 hours. The world tournament was started before six days and Joseph Hachem was struggling for all those days with an average result at the final tables. But at the last day he establishes that nothing is impossible. At last he won the $10,000 no limit Texas hold’em main event in the 2005 World Series of Poker.In the next year he took part on the World Series of Poker and he finished at the second position in $2,500 short-handed no limit hold’em. In the $2,500 pot limit hold’em tournament he secured the fourth place in 2006 World Series of Poker.Joseph Hachem took part in the other poker events also. He appeared in the Poker Superstar III but he did not get a remarkable achievement in it. He could not reach the super-sixteen round.He made the final table in the circuit event of the World Series of Poker. In the 2007 he earned a lot in poker tournaments. Joseph Hachem’s total earning in live tournaments crossed the amount of $10,400,000 in the year 2007. He ranks second in the poker world whose earning as a Professional Poker Player has crossed the limit of $10 billion. He is among the five Professional Poker Players who won in the World Series of Poker main event. He also got the World Poker Tour title.1n December, 2007 he proved himself the best in the Poker Stars tournament of champions.